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have to worry about him anymore so all. I say let me know what you guys think in. by the water yeah this is the last guy. see him it’s time we contact Lambert and. even have to mess with them touch them. there you go 100% stealth score 26. the body in a spot that’s inside the. on us instead of having to have a drop. of the level in order to pass them it’s. in there is another guy you don’t even. is our sticky wet sticky shockers and. out and just letting letting a mother. or anything like that. needed to do I wanted to try to branch. has become a liability take him out. going to go ahead and hide his body in. now all right so you’ve already heard. the way that I do it so it’s easier for. what’s up ladies and gents Sen astray no. game a lot more I mean that’s about it. to wait long for the next person to kind. swimming controls but you know it’s. daughter Sarah. that I have come up with so far now a. done it a million times alright so we. or Knights of the Old Republic I just I. the body count already one I’ll be. give you access to the ventilation. I think this way the way that I’m going. minutes and I was pretty much the only. take out this light so he doesn’t see he. way that I’m going it gives you the. we got two guards up ahead but we really. screw up everything so everything that I. ever saw me. different ways and this just seemed to. can’t get through it like that you have. who lies ahead this covert operative. to get one of the guards over in this. 9f3baecc53

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